Raven Divito: Founder & Photographer.   


In 1999 Raven realized how music would become a large part of her life when she crossed paths with a new friend whom was an avid supporter of the underground music community in San Francisco. Raven was instantly attracted to the intoxicating and often mesmurizing world of punk in the underground circuit. Along with the up close and personal experience she was exposed to, she realized this was the direction in life she wanted to pursue. The following year Raven frequented countless performances of local San Francisco bands. She was able to interact and network within the music community which allowed her to capture true nuances of the bands she followed through photography.

Near the end of 1999 Raven relocated to Southern California's Huntington Beach.  She came upon a copy of "Skratch" magazine one day. "Skratch" a local webzine of underground bands, clubs and current music news, exposed Raven to the local music community. It seemed to Raven this was the ticket she needed into the local scene by contributing photos. The Orange County music scene was exploding with bands such as, The Weirdos, Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L., Agent Orange, Adolescents, D.I., Rancid, along with many others.  Raven found herself in the middle of the wave, her true journey had begun and she was having the time of her life.  

In 2005 Raven relocated to Seattle and connected with the music community. She continued photography and fulfilled another passion playing in a band. After 5 years in the Northwest, Raven decided to move back to Orange County. She reconnected with old friends, musicians and it was then that she realized her true passion was behind the lens. Raven has spent the past year building her credentials in the music community, contributing photos to countless bands.

Some of her photos have been published in magazines ie; Cherie Currie (formerly of The Runaways) chose one of Ravenz pictures to represent her alongside an interview in North Coast Voice.  Stencil Magazine (UK) published Ravenz pictures of Steel Panther.  New Born Authority of Los Angeles featured her photos in their self titled album along with band promotions.  Fu Manchu featured Ravenz photos for their new album "Gigantoid".  Inazuma and Dime Runner currently feature Ravenz photos for promotion.

Her objective is to give back to the music community that has and still continues to inspire and motivate her.

This website is an expression of Ravenz past...present & future!