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  • The Muffs at The Satellite 4-24-13. (Ravenz Review)

    The last time I saw The Muffs play was at Sunset Junction in Silverlake in August of 2002. I relocated out of state for six years and just recently returned, so this was a special night for me personally since I heard they were on Hiatus. You could imagine the excitement I felt when I read about the show in the OC Weekly.

    Already energized by the opening band Ingenue and anticipating the long awaited coming of the show, I too could feel the crowds anticipation of their set. I felt the fans edge in closer to the stage wanting to capture the moments. My radius of photography had just narrowed, I knew I would have to work for my shots now.

    The trio consisting of Kim Shattuck (guitar/vox), Ronnie Barnett (bass), and Roy McDonald (drums) , immerged onstage. Everyone was overly expressive shouting out the band members names and cheering. I felt the goose bumps raise on my neck. Then without hesitation The Muffs ripped into their set with notable hits as, "Brand New Chevy", "Oh Nina" and "Get Me Out of Here". The crowd was alive singing and bouncing along with the band. Ronnie on bass dominates the stage through stance, standing over six feet and bouncing all over while holding down the back beat. Roy on drums drives this trio into the whirlwind with his manic steadfast skills, and he is one of the hardest hitting drummers I know. I witnessed blisters on his hands after the show in 2002.

    Kim delivers one of rocks most powerful screams (her signature style), of raw strength and dominance that will keep you coming back for more. Kim shreds her guitar while bopping up and down all over the stage. Every song is a hit!!! Kim is the singer/songwriter and tells her storys through lyrics like no one else. "Right in the Eye" is one of my favorites.
    Kim, Ronnie and Roy are very approachable musicians and spend time talking with the fans/friends after their shows.

    The Muffs are undoubtly one of LA's best bands. They have 5 studio albums and a couple of compilations. I own them all. Their music will leave you feeling energized and wanting more.

    I recommend Blonde and Blonder (1995) and Hamburger (2000), and their newest release "Really Really Happy" (2004). All of their albums are fantastic, you will not be disappointed.  https://www.facebook.com/TheMuffsMusic  

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