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  • Ingenue at The Satellite 4-24-13. (Ravenz Review)

    I headed into LA to see one of my favorite bands The Muffs @ The Satellite in Silverlake (formerly Spaceland).  I have always enjoyed shows here, a great small intimate venue that has good sound and you can get right up against the stage.

    It was a warm night, I sported my L7 t-shirt (fitting for the music genre) and found a parking spot across the street.  If you have ever been at this venue you will know that I was super lucky to have achieved this, as parking is challenging in Silverlake.

    The Marquee only had The Muffs listed, so the opening band was a mystery to me.  I made my way to the stage to assure a good spot for photos and noticed three young women setting up.  The kick drum had a sticker on it that read Ingenue, obivously their band name.  I was like cool, a three piece girl band, (you don't see too many of these around).  The lead singer/guitar player Lauren Doran was wearing a Muffs t-shirt.

    Ingenue opened with "Ambien" and by the time Lauren belted out "Plump" (Hole cover) I felt as though I had gone through a time machine back to the 90's, and I was loving every minute of it.

    Christina Ownby on bass and vocals was rocking hard and keeping perfect timing with hard hitting drummer Elena Castro.  These girls were rocking the house.  I felt the crowd surge forward and had to plant myself so I could continue to photograph.  In between shots I couldn't help but rock out with these ladies.  There were obivious groupies singing along and a good mix that were blown away at the catchy powerpop riffs.  "You Were Mine" is clearly a crowd pleaser and one of my favorites. Ingenue ended with "Super Swell", which is their new release cd from Dec. 2012.

    Currently they are on the road supporting their new album.  If you haven't had a chance to see these ladies play, you need to.  https://www.facebook.com/ingenuemusic

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