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  • The Stitches At The Observatory 9-7-13. (Ravenz Review)

    The Stitches are a LA/OC punk band that exploded on the scene in 1994. With Mike Lohrman - vocals, Johnny Witmere - guitar/vocals, Pete Archer - bass and Craig Barker AKA "Skibs" on drums.

    This ensemble of musicians make up perhaps one of the best live bands I have seen. They deliver a 70's signature style in your face raw punk show!!! Led by frontman Mike Lohrman whom appears to go into a trance spinning around the stage and entangling himself in the microphone cable and at times strangling himself as he shouts out "My Baby Hates Me".

    The Stitches play loud, hard and the crowd loves them. Their music is infectious and when they break into "Automatic" the pit thickens with a constant circular motion.

    Everyone was singing along, I was singing along. These guys have a way of pulling you in and making you feel apart of their set.

    Everytime I catch a show I feel like its the first time I have seen them.

    The Stitches have two albums you will want to buy, their first album 8x12 and 12 Imaginary Inches from 2002.   https://www.facebook.com/thestitches  http://www.thestitchespunk.com/

    Click here to go to Ravenz photo album of The Stitches