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  • All Or Nothing HC At The Observatory 11-10-13. (Ravenz Review)

    This is my second time seeing All or Nothing HC. They are clearly one of my new favorite hardcore punk bands.

    Renae Bryant (lead singer) is so in touch with what is happening to our society today. She opens up your ears and eyes with her reality check delivery.

    In songs like "Hunger for Justice", she speaks about people who spend so much money on designer clothes while at the same time so many people are without the basics...ie food.

    This leads us into one of my personal favorite songs called "Control the Inside Out" which speaks about what is a true problem for the youth of today....self inflicted harm which arises due to poor or complete lack of guidance from parents and peers. Sadly this issue is often swept under the rug.

    You can see and feel the passion that arrises within Renae as she mentors to the audience. She is clearly a messenger sent to teach and guide us. The crowd loves her and she makes every attempt to include them in her songs, joining the pit and handing out free cd's.

    Renae is here for the fans and true believers that we can make a difference.

    I salute you Renae for following your passion and embracing those that believe in you. I believe in you!!!  https://www.facebook.com/allornothinghc

    Click here to go to Ravenz photo album of All Or Nothing HC