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  • A Pretty Mess At Loaded Hollywood 1-4-14. (Ravenz Review)

    I just recently came across this band and had been anticipating their live show at Loaded Hollywood. A Pretty Mess is Dora Sandoval on guitar/vox, Meghan Mattox pounding out the bass lines, Dirty Dan on lead guitar/vox and Aaron Austin on drums.

    Hell yes!!  These guys Kick Ass!!!  Dora is flavored with Go Like Hell, Snap-Her and The Distillers.  A huge sound driving songs like "Spit Me Out", "Guns" and "Damage Control" from their latest release Wasteland. Dora also covered Mia Zapata of The Gits "Drinking Song", which blew me away and acquired quite the crowd engagement.  A Pretty Mess delivers Raw in your face Punk Rock from four very talented/seasoned musicians.  This band has quite a large following (to no one's surprise) and are here to stay and storm their way to the top.  I know I will be a repeat offender. Don't miss out on a true legendary band...see you at the next show.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Pretty-Mess/154296944666 http://www.aprettymess.com

    Click here to go to Ravenz photo album of A Pretty Mess