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  • Brody Dalle At Alex's Bar 2-16-14. (Ravenz Review)

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw that Brody Dalle was starting her tour here at Alex's Bar, how lucky are we??!!  It has been over eight years for me and that was when she was still touring as The Distillers.  I never got to see SPINNERETTE and was totally bummed.  But hey that's the past and Brody has her new album out called "Meet the Foetus".

    I had so much anxiety and really wanted to assure an up close and personal experience, so I made a point to get to the show early and hangout. It really paid off for me, as I got reacquainted with Tony Bevilacqua when he came outside to sign some autographs, take pictures with the fans and hang for a bit. Hell Yes!!!

    Then what we have all been waiting for, dressed in black jeans with her black boots sporting a Kick Ass Sex Pistols / Johnny Rotten shirt looking lean and Sexy as Hell...let me introduce Brody Dalle . Guitar slung low..blonde hair flowing across her face covering her eyes as she adjusted her mic stand.  And so it begins, without hesitation Brody ripped into "Rat Race".  I could feel the excitement from the crowd as the hair on the back of my neck raised...WOW this is happening!!  Brody continued on with two more new songs "Dont Mess" and "Meet the Foetus".  There were some minor complications with the PA, but Brody rode it out.  When she hit the fourth song "Die On A Rope" the fans went crazy!!!  Screaming, singing, pushing forward as everyone wanted a piece of the legendary Brody Dalle.

    Right at this very moment it felt like The Distillers show with her side kick Tony by her side playing lead guitar and bringing back memories that had faded but were brought back to life as she forged into "Dismantle Me".  Crowd surfing had begun and I now realized I was trapped against the stage with pressures so heavy against my thighs that took the breath out of me.  But I was Alive and so was the crowd, soaking up her raspy vox as she swung her head from side to side.

    They definitely planned the set list out well, as the next two songs calmed the crowd down a bit and gave everyone a chance to breathe. Brody played "Ghetto Love" from her Spinerette album and three more Distillers songs.  Brody doesn't mess around on stage, she is here to play.  But what happened next was a complete surprise to me...Brody dove into the crowd. I couldn't recall ever seeing her do that before.  Just when I thought things were calming down, she raised the ceiling again.  Wish I captured that pic. They ended the set with Into/Underworld.

    Everyone seemed happy with the show and a lot of people were lingering around talking and buying the Awesome posters from the show for $20. I got mine..hope you got one too.

    They left for Europe and will be touring with Nine Inch Nails and QOTSA. I am looking forward to their return and I know everyone else is.  https://www.facebook.com/BrodyDalle http://www.brodydalle.com/

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