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  • Scurvy Kids At The Whisky A Go Go 10-23-14 (Ravenz Review)

    I had been anticipating this show for a month or so...second time around seeing the Scurvy Kids as they were opening up for Koffin Kats at The Whisky A Go Go. Heading into LA can be a nightmare, especially around 7:30 pm on any given night. Traffic flowed quite well and I was making good time. The only set back was looking for parking under $20. Yikes!! The city sure knows how to dip into your pocket, and that doesn't even include the gas there and back. I was under the assumption that Scurvy Kids were right before Koffin Kats, so I figured I had plenty of time. When I finally rolled into a spot I received a text from Carlos Anguiano band manager and father of lead singer Ben, ( I knew that meant the line-up must of changed and they were going on shortly. It was 8:45 by the time I rolled up to the front of The Whisky. Apparently I was correct as the Scurvy Kids were up next. Whew!

    I received an all access pass to ninja around anywhere I wished (my favorite pass) :)   I got my camera all set up and headed to the front of the stage. Perfect timing as everyone was setting up and ready for a little sound check. No apparent difficulties. I could sense some anxiety from the band, as the house was already quite packed. I too had a little myself. Ben Anguiano front man seeming comfortable with the mic, he then received nods from his band mates for the go ahead. With a little introduction he rolled into "Get Off My Back" a Scurvy Kids original, and great opener. I realized since there was not a photographer pit, that I would have to work extra hard to capture the nuance of the evening. I was ready and the kids were already igniting the crowd. I could tell Ben really liked the tall stage as this made it easier to coral the crowd into the pit. The Scurvy Kids are backed by Eric Gonzalez on lead guitar/vox (whom is Mr. School of Rock himself) quite the prodigy. Brandon Jatico holds down the rhythm guitar, Nicole Vigueria helps drive the rhythm section on bass and is joined by a powerhouse in Jacob Ramsey on the kit. "Blood Drunk" another Scurvy Kids original was now playing and I started to make my move around to capture different members and angles. This was really fun and everyone was really into the band. A little pit started somewhere in the middle of the crowd and then I noticed Nicole Vigueria handed her bass to Ben Anguiano as they traded rolls. I was like this is cool! I didn't see this happen the last time I caught them. I re-shifted my position to assure I would capture her. Nicole sang a cover of the Creepshow's "Creatures of the night". Nicole seemed quite comfortable in this roll, and when I looked over at Ben, he was hammering away on the bass. I thought Right On!! These guys are versatile as well. Nice change up! A quick shift of the instruments again and Ben stood high and looked into the crowd and said "you guys know the Adolescents right?" He encouraged everyone to keep the pit going and then he broke into Amoeba. As I went from side to side and up on the stairs, I realized he had almost everyone on the floor engaged. Each musician had their time in the lime light throughout the set that consisted of Beastie Boys, AFI and another Adolescents song. 13 songs in total ending with Unknown Soldier. That's a nice set! The Scurvy Kids did their part in keeping the crowd energized for the next band.

    After their set I hung out back stage a bit and got some history of the band from Carlos. We talked about upcoming shows, past ones and a little about life in general. All in all this was an exceptional night and I am grateful to be a part of the Scurvy Kids family. I encourage you to check this band out and see what the youth of today is bringing to our music community. Stay Tuned...Get Connected!!

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