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  • Bryan McPherson At Vacation Vinyl 07-9-15 (Ravenz Review)

    I just recently collaborated with On Request Magazine and my first artist to cover was Bryan McPherson at Vacation Vinyl in Silverlake which was originally set for Boardners in Los Angeles.  Bryan is a Folk/Punk singer from Boston whom definitely has a punk edge/style ranting of Humanitarian Rights that not only brings awareness through his messages, but genuinely connects you in his story as if you were there.
     Bryan has been touring with The Dropkick Murphy's and he was to play at The House of Blues in Anaheim.  Apparently someone in Mickey kingdom actually listened to his lyrics and decided he was too political for Disney. That being said Bryan ultimately has been banned by Disney for freedom of speech.  How punk is that?!!
     After reading this I was even more eager to see him perform.

     I headed into LA early on Thursday July 9th hoping to catch Bryan before the show and chat with him.  Luck was on my side. I introduced myself and informed him I was covering this show for On Request Magazine whom just recently interviewed him. Bryan told me why the show was changed from Boardners to Vacation Vinyl at the last minute. He stated the promoter for Boardners decided to make it a "pay to play" show.  This just seemed to fuel his firey passion from Disney to now another outrageous obstacle. Bryan was not going to be blindsided by this corporate minded greed so he cancelled with Boardners and found an alternate spot that was free for his fans at Vacation Vinyl.

     Vacation Vinyl was a very intimate setting, no stage or barrier of any kind. We stood right next to Bryan as he delivered a RAW IN YOUR FACE PERFORMANCE that still sends shivers up my arms and neck.

    In "Workers Song" he speaks of minimum wage, working til we bleed. "I See A Flag"  summarizes the American Dream from freedom to do and be what you want and doesn't understand why the world is chosing social media and crystal meth to hollow out their souls. Bryan is intensly passionate as he delivers each lyric with anger and frustration that homelessness still exists and police brutality is on the rise.  Every song is powerful and will impact you. I am truly Amazed how courageous and forthright his lyrics are.  Brilliant!!  He has a new album out called "Wedgewood". I won't disect the songs, but leave it up to you to engage and get connected and make your own interpretation.  

     The 11 song set went by too fast and I could tell the fans felt as connected as I did and we wanted more.  Bryan could sense this so he grabbed his guitar and we followed him to the parking lot out back and he played a couple more songs under the moonlit night.

     Bryan is the Pied Piper stirring up a movement that challenges us to rise up, wake up, take back our rights and help make this a better world to live in.

    Check Bryan out here...

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