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  • Riot Grill Fest August 7, 2015

      When I first saw this flyer I immediately wanted to shoot this show. Babes In Toyland headlining coupled with
     Le Bucherettes, was enough to grab my attention. I had not seen The Menstruators or even heard of SLUTEVER but with band names like those and headlined with one of the best riot grrl bands in history ever, this had to be great.
      Riot Grill was hosted by Sara Schaefer comedian and grub provided by Bitchin' Kitchen.  Nadia G.is the lead singer of The Menstruators and celebrity chef of her Bitchin' Kitchen TV Series. Nadia was the sole mastermind behind this one-off feminist supported evening of punk rock and LGBT rights at The Regent Theater.

      Sara Schaefer comedian filled in the waiting time between bands with her witty smutty cracks on 2Chainz lyrics bad feminist advertisements and her snapple approach on "everyone leaks pee in their pants".  I thought she did a good job at keeping the crowd humored.


      SLUTEVER based out of LA was the first band to play. Two young ladies that rotate between drums, bass and guitar. For the first half of their set they had a trump card when they brought up Patty Schemel (original drummer of Hole). Patty definitely added some depth to their music and it appeared as though she was mentoring this garage duo.
     Nicole and Rachel shared the lead vox and switched up instruments. They played 11 song set list. My favorites were "Teen Mom", "Maggot" and "1994".



      Next up was Nadia G.and her band THE MENSTRUATORS. Nadia's outfit of fish net, metal studs and a mask she wore as a crown pretty much summed up her fiestyness. Nadia owned the stage as she is "Princess Hollywood". Nadia and band definitely pumped up the crowd and exploded thru songs like "Slut Anthem", "Poppers", "We Don't Care" (slamming facebook). She graced us with a "French Song" (nicely done) and the finale was a Sinead O'Connor "Nothing Compares".

     Nadia G. spawns a "I can do anything" attitude, and "I don't care what you think". This is an admiring quality in a young woman today that "We Can Do It"!  Nadia G. is a powerhouse and seems to fall inline as a role model.
    She has my vote!
    After all she is Bitchin' Kitchen, masterminded Riot Grill Fest, lead singer of The Menstruators.
    Can't wait to see what she has planned for us next!
    The Menstruators deliver full force smut punk-rock. I highly recommend this band and you can see their next show on Saturday August 22nd at The Viper Room in LA.  I will be there for sure!



     I could feel the intensity of the crowd as they pushed towards the stage. This was my first time seeing them and I anticipated the hype.

      Teri Gender Bender lead vox, guitar and keyboards is everything I had ever heard and more. This woman exploded onstage in a red dress like a volcano that just erupt. She is dynamic in everyway. Teri's vocals are so powerful and preceded by a domineering stage presence you can't take your eyes off her. She exudes hot passionte rage with quick quirky movements that resemble a wild animal at times, yet beautifully graceful and innocent. WOW!!!

     Teri is backed by one hard hitting dynamic drummer in Chris Common and leveled out with Jamie Aaron on bass/vox.
    Le Bucherettes torched thru a short set of 9 songs which included "Demon", "Devil" and "Take A Step Back".
     Teri had an ace in her pocket when she brought up Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover of The Melvins for the grand finale of "Rebel Girl" a Bikini Kill song.

    Make sure you check out this band, you will be blown away!



     Kat Bjelland guitar/lead vox, Maureen Herman bass/vox and Lori Barbero drums/vox are Babes In Toyland. These three women have laid ground and influenced many riot grrl punk rock bands to this day. They have reunited after a long haitus and just finished a world tour. I was so happy to see them headlining this bill and blessed to catch another opportunity to watch them Rock Out.
     The fans were holding strong in between the set waiting for Babes In Toyland to hit the stage. Everyone started whistling, pounding, cheering and chanting. Then finally Kat came strolling across the stage wearing her signature black baby doll dress and I could tell by the look in her eyes she was ready to rip us apart. Lori took her position behind the kit and Maureen picked up her bass, then in Unison Kat and Lori said "If you ain't in the pit, you ain't shit"!! And so it began, shoes flying everyone pushing forward with fists in the air. Myhem had begun.

     The trio raged through a 14 song set list including "Won't Tell", "Vomit Heart", "Handsome & Gretel" and when they started playing "He's My Thing" some fans crashed the stage.  

     Kat Bjelland delivers a manic approach simultaneously with her high leg kicks all the while shredding on her guitar and singing. Lori Barbero hits so hard that she tapes up the fat end of the stick to hit her kit (not the drum tips) so they don't break.
    Babes held their ground and claimed yet another stake in history at The Riot Grill Fest.

     Babes In Toyland are a Veteran grunge/punk-rock riot grrl band that KICK ASS!!!

    Do not pass up a chance to see them play, as this is probably your last chance.