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  • The Gitas @ The Echo Rising Festival. August 15, 2015.

     The Gitas are a new line-up from Sasha Chemerov's previous band and a lot heavier
    than the pop-adelic songs on their facebook page. At least that is what I discovered when I saw them live at The Echo Rising Festival on August 15th.

     Now a dynamic combustible three piece with the addition of Sal Ramazzini on bass whom adds a heavy solid rock bottom with strong back-up vox. This young man can play his bass with the best of them. Sal is extremely active moving about the stage and in and out of the crowd jumping and spinning all the while keeping in perfect time with the drummer. WOW!!  But hold tight as that is only half the rhythm section. You haven't seen anything until you watch Brittany Maccarello on the kit. Brittany is in the drivers seat hitting as hard as any man I have ever seen on the drums. Most of the time all you see is her hair flying about front to back and left to right. She literally tore up the backline kit and had to stop several times to re-adjust. This lady needs her stuff bolted down!

     Sasha lead singer guitar slinger appears to be in some intense trance while playing his six string and singing songs about how his "Baby gets stuck with (drugs)". And on their new song "Not Alive", he expresses why he doesn't want to be born again. This song will hit the streets when their new album is released.
    His guitar solo Rocks in this song. In "Mood For Love" (a bit poppier), we catch a glimpse of his sensitive down to earth loving side.
     The Gitas music will have you dancing, singing and banging your head.
    Sasha's lyrics are smart and their music is straight-up damn good and caters to every audience. This is what I want to hear on the radio.

     The Gitas are clearly on their way to the top. They have only been together as a team for a year now. It's hard to believe that in such a short time all three are so in sync with one another.  Finding the right combination of musicians is not as easy as one would think, and then finding ones that have the same drive and passion.
      Well this is The Gitas!