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  • P.O.D. @ The House Of Blues Anaheim, August 21st, 2015.

     P.O.D. (Payable On Death) played to a sold out crowd at The House Of Blues in Anaheim on 8-21-15 in the support of their new release "The Awakening".
    With 6 albums strong It could be said that their new release "The Awakening" is more radio friendly. Songs like "Am I Awake", "This Goes Out To You" and "Rise Of Nwo" just to name a couple.
     P.O.D. are an American Christian alternative nu metal band intertwined with reggae and punk that originally formed in 1992. Band members are Sonny Sandoval (vox), Marcos Curiel (guitar), Traa Daniels (bass) and Wuv Bernardo (drums).
     There were two opening bands, first up was Slater Slums whom are a new local rock band from Huntington Beach and then Hoobastank played second. Hoobastank has been around for 20 years and has a large following. Both bands played exceptionally well and energized the fans for the long awaited P.O.D. set.

     The house music finally went off and behind the curtain you could hear drummer
    Wuv Bernardo kicking in. Curtain raised and like a bolt of lightning Sonny Sandoval grabbed the mic jumped to the front of the stage and said "are you ready Anaheim?"
    "are you guys ready?"  The fans cheered, whistled and screamed so loud it surprised me! Sonny was moving fast pumping up the crowd thanking everyone for coming out, telling everyone "to dance, crowd surf, jump up on stage and have a good time as "this is your show".  He was on a mission, his energy was massively explosive and the crowd loved it. This was going to be a Great show!

     P.O.D. broke out into "This Goes Out To You", (off of their new album) and incorporated a sing-along that echoed the walls. Sonny was whipping his mic cord across the stage swinging his arms up and down elevating us all. They rolled into "It's Alright" and half-way thru the song Sonny walked out on top of the crowd. He was singing and everyone was carrying him and putting up their cell phones to take pics of him. I had to change gears and climb up on the photographer barrier to capture this Excellent fan interaction. The energy was so high it seemed as though Sonny was walking on water. Sonny keep the level rising and crowd participation high Singing "Is that all you got take your best shot, Boom, Boom".
     Back on stage now and just when you thought the roof couldn't get any higher than the first two songs, all of a sudden Sick Jacken from Cycle Realm came out on stage and they broke into "Murdered Love". Anaheim went crazy!!!  With thunderous rhythmic drum beats and thick layers of electric guitar riffs that drove us through an impressive hour and fifteen minute high-energy set consisting of songs from their discography.

     After the show the buzz from the fans stated this was one of the best P.O.D. shows they had ever seen.
    P.O.D. are currently touring through the states supporting their new release. Be sure to catch one of their shows when they hit your town.