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    The Melvins have been around since 1983 and typically perform as a trio, but as of these past few years they now currently perform as a four piece with two drummers. Buzz Osborne aka King Buzzo guitar/vox and Dale Crover on the drums are the two original members of the band. They have been known to influence many bands such as tool with their punk/grunge/metal experimentation.

     So I say to myself how could I have possibly missed out on this legendary band?
    I have known about them, heard about them, but just never seemed to be in the right place at the right time for the opportunity to actually catch a show or even utube them. And strange as it may seem not one of my friends have ever played one of their songs for me. Feeling quite ignorant about this I decided to not do any research or listen to any of their music, as I wanted this to be my first everlasting impression of a timeless journey untainted.

     I arrived early to the show because I wanted to catch the opening band Big Business. I had no previous exposure to this band either.
     As I was in the pit getting my camera ready, someone in the crowd started talking to me and giving me the 411 on Big Business. Unfortunately I can not remember the nice gentleman's name, but he informed me that this opening band would be joining the Melvins on stage tonight.
     Big Business are Jared Warren on bass/vox and Coady Willis on the kit. Apparently they started recording and touring with the Melvins in 2006 and this added a double drumming power quartet.  So now I was even more intriqued than ever.

     Big Business music was loud grunge low-end infusion of rock and roll. Coady is one amazing drummer and I was finding myself watching him for most of their short set.
    Although I could not make out any of Jared's lyrics nor was there a setlist available he did have a set of very distinctive pipes which brings to mind James Rota of Fireball Ministry, deep and penetrating.  I really dug their sound and thought they were a tight duo.

     Surprisingly their was only a short wait between bands since everything was already set to go. The house music faded and then Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" came on. I thought oh they aren't ready yet, but to my surprise out came The Melvins and Big Business. I was like cool intro!

     I was positioned right in front of Buzzo, due to the tip off from the nice fan.
    He was wearing a one piece blue smock with a large center eye and many little eyes all around his chest and shoulders. Not sure exactly the meaning, but I can take a pretty good guess. Buzzo wears his signature white hair that is shaven underneath and stands like a brillo pad. He looks like a chemist or professor. The rest of the band took their positions with Dale Crover on the same side as Buzzo and Coady and Jared were paired opposite. Each drum set was set up tightly against one other in uniform. I was like this is going to be Amazing!

     They opened up with "Onions That Make Milk Taste Bad" from their Hold It In album they released in 2014. The song starts out slow with some reverb vocals then goes into a repetitious guitar progression. A nice warm up. Then onto a more manic infused song "The Water Glass" which demonstrates the talent and hard work of both drummers impeccable timing with one another layered with back and forth vocals between Buzzo and Jared singing "We are ready ready ready" "Rock me rock me, Rock Steady". This still appeared to be another warm up getting these guys in the groove to hit it hard. With no breaks in between they slid into each song masterfully. King Buzzo appears as a wizard or mad scientist disecting his guitar to create just the right note in conjunction with his frenzy electrified hair bobbing.
     It was really hard for me to take my eyes off King Buzzo as I did not want to miss one single jesture, but there was so much talent onstage especially with the dynamic duo drumming that makes this band extremely impressive. The Melvins pounded out a few more songs and I noticed the pit was getting more and more aggressive.
    Then came "Sweet Willy Rollbar" which is apparently a classic that started a uniformed head banging. Fifteen songs later spanning over an 30 year career of music, which included an Amazing cover of The Wipers "Youth Of America".
    Damn I couldn't believe this show just kept getting better and better.
     The night seemed to go on and on from one explosive song to the next and everyone looked so happy. I was sad to see them leave the stage, I really would of liked them to just keep playing all their songs. The fans started cheering "Buzzo Buzzo"and it sent chills down my neck. The house lights did not go on so I was holding onto faith praying and chanting for more.
     Then magically the wizard graced us for one last sonic boom with the introduction of none other than MS.Teri Gender Bender of Le Bucherettes for the grand finale singing "Rebel Girl" a Bikini Kill cover song.  Hell Yes this is the best show ever!!

     And just like that I was addicted, a new fan that would start searching for music archives and collectibles and await their return. The Melvins music is infectious.
    I understand the Buzz completely, but don't just take my word for it go out and experience some musical genuises for yourself.