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  • PEACHES @ The Observatory Oct.5th 2015

      Peaches is from Canada and is most noteably known as a Gay Icon pushing the barriers with her bold vivid imaginative over the top performances. Where Madonna left off Peaches has interwoven her political views on the genderbending jaded America and turned it into a raving electronic showcase of space oddity outfits and large pink vaginas.

      I was somewhat shocked she was playing at The Observatory in Orange County. The OC is known to be anti-gay as they actually banned gay pride back in 2004, but then again how fitting. I was curious to see the turnout since she was also playing at the Regent Theatre in Los Angeles only a couple of weeks apart.

     Peaches set was at 12:30am on this particular Friday night and the last of 3 concerts.

     When the doors finally opened at 11:30pm the crowd began to fill the floor. The photo pit was removed so each fan could get right up against the stage. I'm sure this is what Peaches wanted for a more intimate evening.

     Looking around at the fans I saw a mix of punkers, ravers, men, women, older folks and the youth.  I imagined anyone coming to see Peaches either has seen her before or were ready for a shocking provacative clit-rubbing, dildo flashing, "Fuck The Pain Away" evening. A title from her new album "Rub".
     Anyone whom is easily offended not open and judgemental should not attend a Peaches show period!

      Peaches is basically a one woman show aside from her two dancers one male and one female. She has a large mixing console in the middle of the stage about 3 feet high. Every song is played out theatrically as Peaches changes her persona from coach as she encourages the sexually explicit push ups, to domantrix thrusting her chain around her neck while the human props are chained to one another insinuating possible sex slaves of some sort. Her beats drive the scenerios perfectly, one wonders which came first the music or the idea? Either way Peaches is a Phenomenal performer.
    Her brilliance is masterfully portrayed and she is the Queen at entertaining her fans. She graced us with walking on the crowd stating "Jesus walked on water and Peaches walks on you", as she zipped up her black shiny vagina intertube and instructed everyone to hold her straight up from the bottom of her boots as she covered almost half way thru the pit and then ended it with a blissful crowd surf.

     She played a handful of new songs from her 2015 album "RUB" which included
    "Dick In The Air", "Sick In The Head", "How You Like My Cut" and oldies like
    "Fuck The Pain Away" and "Set It Off" just to name a few from the solid 60 minute set.
     One of the highlights of the evening was the large gerbil looking plastic tube that rolled out into the crowd which allowed Peaches to walk amongst her fans.  
    I have never seen this tactic before. Brilliant!!

     She ended the set with an celebration of champagne fountains into the crowd.

     Peaches is touring now supporting her new album "RUB". It has been over six years since her last one.  I highly suggest seeing her. You will be floored!

     For more information about PEACHES click on the link below