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  • THE DARKNESS @ The Glass House 10-9-15

    We are so fortunate to be graced once again by this British band The Darkness.
    Justin Hawkins lead front man is teamed up with his brother Dan on guitar, Frankie Poullian on bass and Rufus Tiger Taylor on drums (son of Queen drummer Roger)
    Forging strong since 2000 and now supporting their 4th album "Last Of Our Kind", The Darkness remain as one of the top Amazing shows to see.

     Not surprising whatsoever this show on Tuesday night at The Glass House in Pomona was SOLD OUT! There was suppose to be an opening band but something must of happened as they did not show up. But it was ok really, everyone whom was here waiting in line clearly came to see The Darkness. In other words no band could prime you for their unique sense of humor and sing-a-long anthems like " I believe in a thing called love" off of their 2003 "Permision To Land album".  

     What was cool though is the venue reacted quickly and found a fantastic DJ (didn't catch his name) that played an amazing set of Punk Rock spins for us. As I looked around the room It seemed as though everyone was either singing to the jams or nodding away. Great job Glass House!

     The house lights went out and the fans started cheering, it sent shivers up my neck as the cheers echoed louder. Drums beating, bass rocking and chunky guitar  sounds pierced through the dark stage in their opening song "Barbarian".A perfect intro song building up the crowd for Justin's grand entrance sporting a black and white pin stripe suit strutting from one side of the stage to the other hitting those piercing high notes shaking his hips. He then grabbed his guitar 3/4 of the way through and drove it home. His vocal range is spectacular, I had no idea! They rolled into "Growing On Me" from their first album "Permission To Land" and raised the roof with "Black Shuck" in which Justin took his overcoat off and unbuttoned his white silk blouse exposing the pin stripe suspenders attached to his pants and showing off his sleek fit sexy tatted chest. BAMM!! The house is Rocking Now!

      I can't help but think how he reminds me a lot of Freddie Mercury of Queen whom I saw over a dozen times in my youth. Justin Hawkins is quite charasmatic like Freddie was and I mean in a sincere way. You feel a part of the band especially with all the sing-a-long songs like "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" and " One Way Ticket".

     The set was a spectacular 18 songs that will leave you craving for more. One of the highlights of the night was their encore song "Love On The Rocks" in which Justin climbed up on the security guards shoulders and played his guitar all through the crowd.

     The Darkness are a fun, funny punk-glam rock band with great musicians doing it their way. You will want to see one of their live shows so I suggest you connect with them and see when they are playing in your city.