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      Fireball Ministry has been kicking ass and claiming territory since 1999.
    I was fortunate to have connected with them in their awakening of early 2000.
    From the first time I caught their show at the Troubadour I knew this band had the potential to go huge, so it wasn't a surprise to see that Fireball Ministry was opening for Zakk Sabbath on this October night at The Viper Room. Even though they are headlining material, I knew this would be a legendary show and of course it was SOLD OUT!

      Their was a line waiting down the block, and like I said before I wasn't surprised with this line-up. Apparently this was a repeat performance from the night before since it sold out so fast, they added another show on Saturday night. It was an unusually hot October evening and anyone whom has been in the Viper Room knows the ceiling is low and it gets quite toasty in there especially when it is a full house. We were packed in like sardines and sweaty hot!
      Fireball Ministry opened up with "Saved The Saved" then kicked into "Flatline", one of my favorites. The crowd was headbanging and pushing forward with no where to go. After the third song "He Who Kills", Jim Rota shouted out "I can't hear you?" "You better get louder than that for Zakk". Everyone was really into it I just think possibly wiped out from so many endless days of heat and or really stoned and dehydrated from drinking. Most likely a combination of the three.
     Jim Rota is the lead guitar/singer songwriter. He is a lyrical genius (take a listen to Flatline and King). With his pure thought provoking messages you will find yourself intertwined within the stories and heavily penetrated by their massive metal-assualt rock and roll. A mixture of Ozzy meets Lemmy but with more sauce in their catchy riffs that will surely keep your heading banging throughout the complete set.
     By the time they rolled into "Daughter Of The Damned" (another favorite) Emily Burton on guitar and backing vocals proves that she is a pillar of strength to this band. The songs are heavily driven by her guitar riffs and she definitely dominates her chops.  It's so awesome to see a kick-ass lady guitar player shredding hard while her hair flips through the air.

     Onto the rhythm section teamed of Scott Reader on bass and John Oresnick on drums. John seriously kicks down some killer hard hitting beats with perfect timing.
    Scott is the newest edition originating from Kyuss and The Obsessed, and he is straight up one hell of a bad ass bass player. Wow!!  

     Fireball Ministry played nine songs in total ending their show with "King". I would say their biggest hit. Although truthfully every song is brilliant and I was hoping for a longer set.
     If you haven't seen this band yet, there is still hope for you. Anyone whom comes in contact or has a brief listen will be a lifetime fan.
    Don't stop at the music you must see this band live period!