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  • Ace of Spades @ Ministry 3-26-18

    Ministry, known as American Industrial Metal Pioneers,showcased their 4th gig of a 26 concert North American Tour in Sacramento on March 26th to a sold out show at Ace of Spades. Their performance was a force to be reckoned with, like a massive political music movement.
    Al Jourgensen of Ministry is angry about what's going on in America, and you can hear and feel the build up to the explosion in his newest album AmeriKKKant that was released on March 9th. Al has gathered a supergroup of musicians for this tour supporting their 14th album, ie; Al Jourgensen - guitar/vox/harmonica, Sin Quirin - guitar, Cesar Soto - guitar, Tony Campos - Bass from (Fear Factory & Static X), Derek Abrams on drums, John Bechdel - Keyboards from (Killing Joke), DJ Swamp from (Crystal Method) - live scratcher, and Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory, delivering some vocals on a few songs.
    The venue was so packed, you could barely move through the crowd. The stage had two large white blow up Donald Trump chickens on each side, with anti-nazi symbols on them. There was a large video screen as a back drop, that sampled through various political images throughout the show.
    Ministry opened their set with "Twilight Zone" from their new album AmeriKKKant. This song is eight minutes of guitar riffs and pounding drums, and gave us a chance to watch Al skilfully play his harmonica between two mics.
    Next up was "Victims of a Clown" , also from AmeriKKKant, which creates a circus atmosphere. Lots of loops and samples on this song. Burton C. Bell was the featured guest vocalist. Sporting a t-shirt that says Police the Police, Burton was extremely charged for his performance, ranting towards the fans.
    "Punch In The Face", off the album From Beer to Eternity was their third song. Apparently the first two songs warmed up Al, as he kicked it into overdrive delivering killer effects between the two mics. On "Lies Lies Lies" , Al pumped up the volume and distortion with a megaphone.
    Sin Quirin and Cesar are guitar wizards. Sin was interacting with the fans and shredding up close to the pit. Both Cesar on guitar and Tony on bass master their instrument. Derek pounds hard on the kit keeping perfect timing. DJ Swamp and John mix it up through samples and loops.
    Burton C. Bell came out on two more occasions, for lead vox on "We're Tired of It" and a part in "Wargasm".
    During "Antifa", there were two soldiers wearing black masks , marching with red and black flags on stage. I could feel the crowd brewing, like a Crescendo was beginning. Then when Ministry forged into "Just One Fix", "NWO", and "Thieves", the mosh pit started up. "So What" , from their album The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste was their last song of the set. Then we were treated to an Encore song, "Bad Blood" from their album Dark Side of the Spoon . This song was highly acclaimed and nominated for a Grammy Award . Featured in the movie "The Matrix".
    They played 5 songs off the AmeriKKKant album - "Twilight Zone", "Victims of a Clown", "Wargasm", "Antifa", "We're Tired of It", and sampled through their powerful discography for the other 10 songs.
    There were two opening bands for the evening, The God Bombs from Brooklyn, New York are a three piece band consisting of Justin Symbol on vocals, Jabbath Roa on guitar and Edrick Subervi on drums. They were a great opening band for this show. Their music consists of heavy beats that collide with dark synths, punk, alternative metal, and hip-hop. They are unique and innovative. I really enjoyed their show and music. Their cover of The Cure's "Killing an Arab", was off the hook.
    After the show I spent sometime talking with lead singer Justin. This is a band I highly recommend you see live.
    Chelsea Wolfe playing in their hometown of Sacramento are; Chelsea Wolfe guitar/vox, Ben Chisholm Keys/bass/electronics, Jess Gowrie on drums, and Bryan Tulao on guitar. 
    They played a solid set of Experimental, gothic rock and doom metal. I could tell the hometown fans were happy to see them.
    Both bands are supporting Ministry on tour. Be sure to check dates and buy your tickets early, as their shows will be Sold Out!
    Ministry are on fire with a hot off the press album "AmeriKKKant" and an revolutionary tour that you do not want to miss out on!
    Be sure to pick up their newest album AmeriKKKant, you will want this in your collection.

    Ministry Set list :
    Twilight Zone/Victims of a Clown/ TV4/Chan/ Punch In The Face/ Senor Peligro/Lies/ Rio/ We're Tired of It/ Wargasm/ Antifa/
    Just 1 Fix/ NWO/ Thieves/ So What/ Bad Blood/