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  • Jonathan Davis @ The Fillmore 4-18-18

    Jonathan Davis is known as the lead singer/songwriter of the industrial metal band Korn.

    He is now touring for his solo project album "Black Labyrinth" to be released on May 25th.
    Jonathan said his new material had been accumulating on his computer for 10 years, but due to the constant touring with his band Korn, and other complications he was unable to complete it.
    Now finally the break and time needed, Jonathan and band kicked off his tour on April 6th in Portland with dates currently scheduled through June at the Hellfest in France. Jonathan also announced that Ray Luzier, the drummer for Korn will be playing on this tour.
    I was more than honored to cover the show for MNPR Magazine at The Fillmore. I have always felt a deep connection with Jonathan's music, and finding out that he completed his solo project and would be touring, I wanted to experience it live.
    I stood outside the Fillmore watching people line up for this highly anticipated evening. I was actually surprised to find the show was not sold out. I spoke with a young lady regarding this, and she replied, "I don't think folks know he is the lead singer of Korn". Hmm I thought, maybe so but I know one thing for sure, they will surely be sorry they missed this event once they hear his new music.
    The opening band for the evening was Palisades, known as a post-hardcore band from New Jersey. They are supporting Jonathan Davis on most of the tour, and I can see why. Frontman Lou Miceli's lyrics are intense and realistic. They hit it hard opening their set with "Through Hell", then into "Personal", and "Better Chemicals". Palisades ignited the evening delivering 10 songs with their high energy and musical synchronization. I see a big future for this band
    indeed! Band members are Lou Miceli vocals/guitar, Matt Marshall guitar, Xavier Adames on bass, and Brandon Elgar on drums.
    We had a half hour break between bands, and were entertained by the exceptional house music at The Fillmore. Concert goers started moving to the front of the stage eagerly awaiting to be up close and personal with Jonathan. Then finally the music stopped, the lights turned red and the crowd started yelling, clapping, and whistling as Jonathan walked across the stage to his mic, spreading his arms wide open giving us a massive hug. Jonathan opened the set with "Underneath My Skin", a drum driven, up beat song which consists of penetrateable lyrics like, "Somethings Crawling Underneath My Skin, Somethings Dying Somewhere Within". They rolled into "Everyone", the second song which definitely feels like a Korn song, super fast lyrics and power guitar riffs. Jonathan's passion is channeled while he moves about the stage waving his hand and bending back to dig deep in his vocals barring his soul. I knew this was going to be an intense heartfelt show. The crowd was going crazy!
    Up next was "Forsaken", a deep sound from the upright bass and melodic balance between the mandolin. Before the next song, Jonathan was humble in his moment thanking the fans for continually supporting him along his path. It was beautiful to feel the sincerity of deep blessings. He also stated that he wanted us to hear his new project "live", before the release of the album on May 25th.
    Their seventh song was "Slept So Long", a Korn favorite. The musical layers between the mandolin, synthesizer, and upright bass produced an eruption of middle eastern spiritual beats that drove the tempo. Jonathan's voice echoed an erie chill. The harmonics between he and the guitarist were exceptional and raw. This song started the mosh circle in the middle of the crowd, and continued to the end of the show.
    The band left the stage after playing a very warming Neil Diamond cover of "Love On The Rocks". The fans chanted for more, and after a few minutes of encore we were treated to two more songs including "What It Is", (definitely one of my favorites) which is a new song from the American Satan Soundtrack. The last song for the evening was "Happiness", also from his solo album.
    They played all 13 songs from Black Labyrinth and two from Korn, including "System", from the movie soundtrack Queen Of The Damned, and "Slept So Long".
    This was a powerful performance indeed. Jonathan Davis knows how to penetrate your soul and open your eyes through his experiences in life. You will feel the depths of self discovery through his music. The songs from his album "Black Labyrinth" are masterful, down to earth and life changing. I am hoping to catch another show, and I really encourage you to experience this monumental event.
    Set list;
    Underneath My Skin; Everyone; Forsaken; Final Days; What You Believe; Basic Needs; Slept So Long; Medicate; Walk On By; System; Please Tell Me; Your God; Love On The Rocks; What It Is; Happiness.