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  • Cradle Of Filth @ The Fillmore Theater San Francisco, Ca. 4-22-18

    Cradle Of Filth ended their 'Cryptoriana' U.S. tour on Sunday night at The Fillmore in San Francisco, Ca. 'Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay' is their 12th studio album that was released in September of 2017. Cradle Of Filth are a British hardcore/extreme metal band, and I was stoked to get approval to cover this show for MNPR Magazine.

    Not only was this show sold out, it was also a trifecta! Clearly all three bands on the bill are headliners, well in my opinion anyway. COF have been touring with Jinjer and Uncured for a couple of months now, but tonight was to be their parting as each band would go their separate ways.
    There was a long line waiting for the Cradle Of Filth meet and greet before the show. Lots of fans dressed up in their goth wear and make-up. I always enjoy seeing the people that take the time and energy they put into this. It's quite a spectacular compliment to the artists/bands, not to mention entertaining eye candy.
    Showtime was 7:30 for the opening band Uncured. They are a 4 piece death metal band from NYC, which consists of teenage brothers Zak & Rex Cox. Zak is the lead singer on guitar, and his brother Rex is a back up vocalist and plays lead guitar. The brothers are teamed up with Liam Manley on bass and Jon Kita on the kit.

    Tonight was their 48th and final show of the tour with Cradle Of Filth, and I could feel the buzz on them as I entered the photo pit. There were two other women whom were filming and photographing the band. I asked them if they knew anything about the band, and one woman said "they are Amazing, and get ready to be Rocked!" These ladies were right!!

    Right out of the gate with their first song "Stygian Valley", I was blown away! These guys are extremely talented musicians that combine guitar technicality layered with harsh vocals and beautiful melodic intervals. Uncured are an almighty thunderous force on stage, thrashing hard. Their set was short with only 6 songs, but I know they gained some new fans. Uncured are on the rise, and surely turning heads . They will be headlining shows soon!

    Next up was a band named Jinger from Ukraine. Jinjer is a combination of death progressive/alternative nu-metal combined with funky jazz grooves. Fronted by lead singer Tatiana Shmailyuk, and backed by Roman Ibramkhalilov laying some knarly guitar lines, Eugene Kostyuk holding down the heavy bass grooves, and Vladislav Ulasevish driving the music on drums. Jinjer has been voted best metal band artist twice since Tatiana joined the crew in 2013.
    Tatiana was sporting a yin/yang shirt symbolizing how contrary forces may actually be complementary and interconnected. Spot on with her performance that is like no other. Jinjer is one of a kind, a spiritual demonstration of the alter egos that clash and blend within oneself. Tatiana is a beautiful dimunative dynamo on stage. Kicking, thrashing, and jumping around all the while digging deep down in her diaphgram thrusting male growling heavy vocals smoothed out with beautifully wholesome notes and graceful hand jestures. Tatiana captivates the fans!
    The performance was enhanced by the stage lighting, which appeared to be fueled from her lyrics inconjunction with the music. Constant mood flashing between black, red, blue and surges of strobes in yellow and white.
    I was unfamilar with this band so I can't tell you what songs were played, and I was unable to locate a set list anywhere. But truthfully it didn't matter, because I too was spellbound by Tatiana's performance and Jinjer's music. I am looking forward to the next time they come to town, and I highly recommend you catching their show as well. I'm sure they will be headling next time.

    There was a beautiful large painted back drop of Cradle Of Filth's new album cover across the back of the stage. A towering drum cage made up of plastic see thru vinyl panels on stage right, and lead singer Dani Filth's mic stand was a gothic cross which had a metal skeleton attached to it. The house lights turned blue and were strobing, creating a mysterious atmosphere. There was smoke streaming into the front as Cradle Of Filth made their way on stage. Keyboardist Lyndsay Schoolcraft played a slow gloomy symphonious intro leading us into "Gilded Cunt" for their first song of the night. This track is an extremely fast metal tempo that promotes massive headbanging. The fans cheered loudly as the show had begun.
    Dani's outfit was crafted into an armour suit of sorts with massive spikes on his shoulders and arms. His vest and shirt resembeled a skeleton, and the gothic metal boots were massive. Dani's face was painted white with black outlines on his eyebrows and chin. He looked like a villian out of a comic book or horror movie, as did the rest of the band.
    Good thing I was wearing ear protection, because Dani's screams are very high pitched like shrieking bats. Cradle Of Filth exploded into their second song "Beneath The Howling Stars" off the 1998 album Cruelty And The Beast. This song starts off with a keyboard intro and fast drum beats, and continues to drive the fans into a mosh circle. The music slows to keyboard overatures with haunting nuances and back up vocals from Lyndsay which lead into a beautiful yet creepy harmony between Dani and Lyndsay.
    Richard Shaw and Ashok both on guitars lead this metal mayhem ripping guitar solos and laying down beautiful melodies. There are many layers to their musical mastery combined with Dani's vocals. Cradle Of Filth's songs are long storytelling up to 7 minutes. Although it was hard for me to distinguish his lyrics at times partly due to his thick accent and shrills, I still found myself in a dream world of mystical victorian gothic era.
    It would seem quite challenging to span two decades worth of material into one evening, but Cradle Of Filth managed to do just that playing 14 songs in total with 6 encore songs, making this a night to remember.

    Gilded Cunt
    Beneath the Howling Stars
    Blackest Magick In Practice
    Heartbreak and Seance
    Bathory Aria
    Dusk and Her Embrace
    The Death of Love
    You Will Know the Lion By His Claw

    A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon
    The Promise of Fever
    Her Ghost in the Fog
    From the Cradle to Enslave
    Blooding the Hounds of Hell