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  • The Fratellis @ The Fillmore 4-30-18

    I just recently discovered The Fratellis band through a publicist client list that I occasionally freelance for. Sometimes I discover new bands in person at a show which are opening for a band that I am covering. Other times I get the buzz from photographers, musicians, or just by surfing the web. My main mission is to seek out new talent or discover artists that I have not seen, and to help expose them to new fans. I surely came upon great ones this evening!
    The show was at the infamous Fillmore Theater in San Francisco. If you haven't been there and live in the bay area, I highly suggest you catch a show here. The venue has a very intimate feel to it, and the staff are so friendly. The upstairs has 4 sections of balcony seats that gives you an opportunity to capture the show with an outstanding view. You definitely want to get in line first for these seats. The eye catcher is the poster room that displays tons of old and new show flyers up on the wall. This is a large seating room with a bar and restaurant. Very cool! Also if you stay to the end of the evening, The Fillmore will give you a free poster from the event. 
    That is worth the ticket alone!
    Tonights opening band was Blood Red Shoes, a rock duo from Brighton, England. Laura-Mary Carter is the lead singer on guitar, and Steven Ansell plays drums and shares the spotlight on vocals. This was my first exposure to the band, and let me tell you they played some of the best alternative, garage and indie rock. Straight out of the gate with opener "The Perfect Mess", Blood Red Shoes took the crowd by surprise. It's impressive how two musicians can sound like a complete rock band. Full throttle driving drum beats coupled with some sick guitar riffs and effects. Laura-Mary and Steven ricocheted vocals on their fifth song "This Is Not For You". They harmonize so well together, and their chemistry is spectacular on stage. This is most definitely enhanced due to the fact that Steven's drum set was stragetically placed sideways at the front of the stage facing where Laura-Mary stood, which ensured optimal band interaction with one another, and gave us an intimate experience with the drumming. 
    I found this to be exceptionally brilliant!

    Every song is great, at least in my opinion and they gained a new fan in me. Blood Red Shoes played 11 songs in total and left us wanting more. I highly recommend you catching this band live, they will blow your mind.
    In between bands I started up a conversation with a couple of fans Mc Coy and Hunter. I wanted to hear how they discovered The Fratellis. I try to engage with fans and gather their stories of the events. I throughly enjoy everyones experiences surrounding the music industry. Mc Coy said he lived in Chicago 6 years ago and was at a Blackhawks hockey event, he heard the song "Chelsea Dagger" over the PA system. Apparently the song was used as an anthem for the team at this time. He immediately liked it, which lead into researching the band. Mc Coy has been an avid fan since, and now lives in the bay area. Hunter had just discovered them 3 days prior to the event, and made it a mission to track down a ticket. Neither one of these guys knew each other prior to the show, but somehow music brings us all together that bonds us for life.
    A little info about The Fratellis, they are three brothers, Jon Fratelli (vocals/guitar), Mince Fratelli (drums/vocals), and Barry Fratelli (bass/vocals). Straight out of Glasgow, Scotland their music is a mixture of Indie rock, garage rock, and post alternative punk. They have two songs that have been on the top 10 singles list in the UK, "Chelsea Dagger" and "Whistle for the Choir".
    This tour was in support of their newest album "In Your Own Sweet Time". Their 5th studio album since 2006.
    I could sense the show was about to begin as the crowd moved up closer to the stage. For this event there was no barricade for photographers, which gave the fans a chance to get right up front. The house lights went down and The Fratellis opened up with "Henrietta", from their first album Costello Music. I could tell this was a popular song amongst the crowd, as they started to sing and dance immediately. The quick guitar hooks and rolling drum beats are part of their signature sound. Jon was sporting a brim hat that made it difficult to see his eyes, although he was smiling all the time. I could tell he was in good spirits tonight as he welcomed us to the show before they rolled into "Starcrossed Losers" for the second song (one of my favorites), off their newest album In Your Own Sweet Time.
    Jon clearly captivates the crowd with his lyrical wisdom enhanced by his lustrous voice and grace on stage. When they rolled into "Sugartown", I could tell the die hard fans as they knew the lyrics to everysong.
    Tonight felt like a large party as the crowd was interacting with one another and the band was just having a good ol' time on stage. On their 16th song "Too Much Wine", I particullary enjoyed Jon's guitar solo. Although it was hard to not focus on the charismatic front man, Mince on the drums kept you entertained as well with his ever changing gleaming expressions and fun interactions amongst Barry and Jon, not to mention his impeccable timing of killer beats.
    Spanning their discography we were treated to 20 songs which include two encore songs, and ending the evening with "Chelsea Dagger".
    On this impeccable evening of events I discovered two brilliant bands that I will be a forever fan of. If you haven't had the opportunity to see The Fratellis, I am urging you to seek them out.