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  • Sons Of Apollo @ Slims SF 5-2-18

    For those of you that do not know this Rock Supergroup "Sons Of Apollo", just check out the musicians names and bands they have been in. So much talent put together on one stage is unbelievable.
    Jeff Scott Soto (Ex Journey) - vocals, Billy Sheehan (Mr Big) - bass, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater/Winery Dogs) - drums & vocals, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Ex Guns 'N' Roses) - guitar & vocals, Derek Sherinian (Ex Dream Theater/Alice Cooper) - keyboards.
    The show initially was slotted for The Regency in San Francisco but got moved to Slim's which is a smaller but more intimate club. Thus being said, it was packed tight! I think the real downfall here was the stage area was too compact, and the load bearing poles that block the crowds visibility of the musicians from the balcony and back of the room.
    I spotted several fans sporting their Dream Theater t-shirts and hovering over the merch area. I would say the average age of the concert-goers was forty and over. True fans that appreciate the extremely talented seasoned musicians, were ready to be Rocked!
    At 9:30 the house lights dimmed and Van Halen "Intruder" errupted over the PA system. Then like a bolt of lightening, Sons Of Apollo exploded onstage for their first song, "God Of The Sun" off their new album Psychotic Symphony. I actually found myself in a quarry about whom to photograph first, there was so much talent rocking out in front of me, I was awe struck. I have never seen a double bass and double guitar share the same stage, this was over the top insanity of talent. I enjoyed the middle eastern tempo paired with Mike's drum beats, and watching Billy and Bumblefoot shred insanely on their instruments. Jeff is a natural singer, his voice is pure and he is very charismatic on stage. This song is 11 minutes of pure high-octane-fusion metal prog/rock!
    Fasten your seat belts, as we were just primed for what the next two hours would consist of. Individual showcasing of expertise technicality primarily focused on Billy and Bumblefoot mastering their quick fingered riffs and impeccable timing with one another. There was no letting up on either instrument as both Bumblefoot on guitar and Billy on bass shredded insanely the entire evening. Mike Portnoy effortlessly displayed strict control on the kit all the while smiling. Derek Sherinian on keyboards layered every song with magical nuances.
    I could feel the appreciation and respect amongst the musicians for one another, and watching them play together displays exactly that. At one point Jeff Soto said that he could watch the musicians all night, and that he too was in awe of their musicianship.
    Sons Of Apollo played 16 songs in total, all 9 from their album Psychotic Symphony, a couple from Dream Theater including "Lines in the Sand" and a beautiful solo by Jeff of Queen's song "Save Me", (this actually brought tears to my eyes it was so heartfelt), along with a cover of Van Halen's ", And The Cradle Will Rock".
    This was an evening of musical overload to the highest extent. A rarity of super talented musicians blazing a trail through cities now. You need to go to https://www.sonsofapollo.com and get on this train.
    God of the Sun
    Signs of the Time
    Divine Addiction
    Just Let Me Breathe
    Lost in Oblivion
    Save Me
    The Pink Panther Theme
    Opus Maximus
    Figaro's Whore
    Lines in the Sand
    And the Cradle Will Rock
    Coming Home